Customer Testimonials

Personal Training:
"The very best personal trainer for the very best possible price that will always leave you feeling motivated, confident, inspired, encouraged and uplifted. Thanks to Tremay I now enjoy exercising and have the confidence to do things on my own. Genuinely passionate and proud about what he does, Tremay is an extraordinary personal trainer of tremendous knowledge versatility and discipline".

Runnin Training:
​"I'm not entirely sure why it took me 40+ years, several marathons, ultra marathons and Ironmans before I decided to get some help with running. But if I had known that Tremay could help me run faster and more efficently in just a few sessions then i would have signed up yearrs ago. Tremay's running experience, his intimate knowledge of body mechanics and his passion for the sport makes him really effective as a teacher. I am now running with a much improved technique, a new sense of purpose and I cannot wait for the season ahead."

Personal Training:
"After a recommendation from Marcella to train with Tremay I've had no back pain since. I found Tremay to be a very professional and capable Trainer.
Thank you"


Running  Training:
"Whatever your level and whether your focus is short or long course triathlon, 10k or marathon, Tremay will help you run more efficiently which means you will run faster, feel stronger and significantly reduce your risk of injury. since I started going to Tremay's coaching sessions, I have seen my PB's tumble, my confidence to push my limits grow and my understanding of good running technique increase beyond measure".

Personal Training:
"After years of training with Tremay, I find him to be  highly knowledgeable, an expert coach and very professional. I would endorse him one hundred percent".

Personal Training:
"I am just coming up to my first anniversary of training with Tremay. I havent felt stronger or more agile in 15 years. Tremay keeps the training interesting by varying the workouts and I always leave glad that I made the effort to see  him. Its obvious to me why he has so many longstanding clients.
I highly recommend him".

Running Training:
"I have been training with Tremay for about 4 months, in that time he has taught me more about technique than  I ever knew. Working with Tremay is informative and fun. I enjoy every moment of our track sessions and all the hard work is paying off as I now have a new found confidence and am running faster than ever before". 

Personal Training:
"Since training with Tremay I've had no further problems with my back and I will carry on training with Tremay on the basis that I will continue to be injury free".

Thank you"

Personal Training:
Those in the know have been training with Dobo for years, as I have. No one else combines his experience and knowledge, to get the best out of a fitness regime, whatever your age or level. Particularly valuable is his ability to avoid injury or help with rehab, enhanced by a great understanding of posture, physio and bad backs.

Tremay Dobson
Managing Director
Fiona Ford