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Hi, my name is Tremay Dobson and this  my website.

I have been involved with Training, Fitness  and Rehabilitation​ for quite some time and aside from anything else, it still continues to amaze me owing to the great people I meet and work with.
The same way no two snow flakes are alike rings true for people too. Each session, be it fitness, strength or rehab all have a fundamental platform which can be considered generic at the start but, because we  all come in different shapes and sizes,  it then ultimately become bespoke.

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Life is only travelled once
and our bodies are along for the ride
being truthful about our bodies mean
today's strengths become tomorrows memories
Enjoy every moment big or small because the gift of life...
Is life itself
We are already born with the gift and ability to strengthen our bodies (as shown in the photograph above). No one took him aside at 18 months and said "look sonny, if you want to grow up big and strong..."  Children would 'run amok'  climb walls, run over rough terrain, lift things they weren't suppose to, fall out of trees, fall off bikes and yes they would injure ourselves but at the same time they picked up some pretty empiricle information to boot. All that activity would go into their 'energy banks' so that in their late 20's and early 30's they would still look in shape due to all the activity created over their school and university years. However, once they've crossed the PONR (point of no return)  or dirty thirties, if they are not involved in sports or activities of any kind, the muscles will start to shrink, slowly but shrink nontheless.
*so the muscle is shrinking which also means the matabolism is slowing down.
*If the matabolism is slowing, then the body is not burning as much body fat as before. 
*If the body is not burning as  much body fat as before there will now be a surplus (only a small amount) which needs to be stored and so on and so on, until the inevitable happens.
Six months later all hell breaks loose,
"Honey!! you've shrank my trousers...[I think]"  
I call this Creeping Fat or Mid-life Spread and before you know it, its almost too late...almost!

"Dobo's Cat".
[not to be confused with Schrödinger's Cat] 

During the "Core" phenomenon I would become inundated with clients asking for a plethora of ab exercises to "Flatten" their stomach and "get rid of the belly". Sadly the body doesn't work that way.
There is a big difference between Muscle Tissue and Adipose Tissue (fat) and in order to explain this to my clients as simply as possible I created  "Dobo's Cat".
a). Standing in front of a sheet covered bed, 
place a cat on the bed then throw a duvet over the cat. It's now quite difficult to discern the cats whereabouts on the bed seeing as the duvet itself is quite lumpy and bumpy.
 b). Remove the duvet (hopefully the cat is still there) 
now throw a sheet over the cat on the bed. It has now becomes very apparent as to the cats precise position on the bed.
In this instance the cat is the muscle and the duvet/sheet is the adipose tissue. 
The more adipose tissue there is (duvet) the less muscle you see.
The less adipose tissue there is (sheet) the more muscle you see.
I'm not saying don't do abs, I'm saying don't do JUST abs. Add some activity to burn the adipose tissue and reduce body composition.

​© Dobo's Cat 
(under licence to TDFitness)

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From time to time bad stuff can (by complete accident) cause good stuff  to happen...

Know yourself

JUNE 2000

Rehab is important in re-establishing the you that you were before your injury. Delaying this can lead to chronic injury which will take longer to expedite.