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Running Training

Economical. Efficient. Effective.
[The Three E's]

Strength Is Running ​
Running Is Strength

In running training​​  I specialise in fundamental, corrective and advance running techniques.

  1. Are you wishing to increase your speed​ 
  2. Are you returning from injury 
  3. Are you currently injured
  4. Are you new to running

​If any of these questions apply to YOU

Contact:   [email protected]  

An indepth workshop (expert coaching & video analysis) will show you how certain shapes and movements affect your running, after which you will become more Economical, Efficient and Effective in your running. Something that I like to call "the Three E's".
Technically from birth, I believe, we have an innate knowledge and wherewithal of how to run and strengthen our bodies. However, as we grow through adolescence and maturity, changes to our mind set (and bad habits) will alter us physically and mentally and we will ultimately lose site of those basic aspects of our technique..
Returning to the drawing board is not 'starting afresh', its simply familiarisation. ​

Flight or Flight
We were all designed to run.
Bold statement I know but the same way there are BMW's, Maserati's, Ka's and Clio's, a car for every occasion so too are there people for every occasion.
Some can run for 1 mile some 5 miles some for 20 miles. The issue here is who are we and what does our body type tell us? 

Resistance Running 2

Resistance Running

Strength Bounding

Effort Running

Effort Running 2


Sync Running

Indoor Running